EventWax’s HowTo: use online event planning

If this is your first time using an event planning website or if you just need a refresher in the process, follow our basic framework to get started planning your next event.

  • Sign up for a free EventWax account. Getting started is easy. The website will guide you through the process.
  • Next, create your event for free. This is where you give your event a name, date, time, place and description. At this point, you also can specify if your event is free or if you are going to sell tickets for your event.
  • Spread the word. Once your event has been created, let all your potential attendees know by sending email invitations, make announcements on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc…
  • Manage your registration. Once you begin selling tickets or registering attendees, you can monitor your event sales and activity on the MyDashboard page. Here you can view Recent Activity on all your events, tally registered attendees, and watch your event reach capacity.
  • Monitor your attendees. From the Events tab, select your event and click on Attendees. Here, you can view the ticket types sold and print out a list of confirmation codes for event check-in.
  • Monitor Bookings. From the Bookings tab, you can view how many tickets have been purchased and payment status.
  • Event Check-In. At the event’s check-in booth, you can compare attendees’ printed or emailed tickets with your printed attendee list, verifying the unique confirmation codes.
  • Post-Event Follow-Up. After the event, make sure to go to the attendee’s tab and send thank you follow-up emails to attendees, with any additional call-to-actions, such as creating a review, going to your website, liking your Facebook page, filling out a survey, etc.

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Guide attendees through your event with mobile apps

One of the most mentioned technology trends for event planning in 2014, in addition to online event registration, is the continued use of mobile guide apps for your attendees.


The biggest benefit by going paperless is saving time and money and giving attendees control through their smartphones and tablets. In most instances, the online mobile event apps are not designed to create a singular, unique app for your event. Rather, app providers warehouse a vast number of events on a master list and require attendees to first download the app and then search for the event they are attending.

The price point for the use of a mobile event app varies from free and up, depending on the number of features needed for your event.

Some of the features offered include conference schedules, exhibitor lists, maps, speaker profiles, conference floor maps, social media integration, and organizer messaging and attendee feedback.

There is plenty of competition in the space. Here are a few to look at to get started: bizzabo, bloodhound, crowdcompass, doubledutch, eventmobi, and guidebook.

5 months ago

Our new “My Dashboard” page

Sorting through your events has never been cleaner and easier with our new “My Dashboard” page. The new page is divided into three distinct sections – “Upcoming Events,” “Past Events,” and “Recent Activity.”

In the “Upcoming Event” section, displayed is a list of all the events that have not occurred yet.

When you click on your event(s) you now will automatically have the option to “View, Edit, Duplicate or Delete” that event. It’s easy to duplicate an event—an annual conference or quarterly class, for instance—if it occurs on a regular basis.

And, the “Recent Activity” section provides organizers with an at-a-glance snapshot of any registration activity that has taken place with any of your events.

7 months ago

EventWax now offers printable tickets


Event organizers now have the option for printable tickets for their attendees.

The printable ticket, which is attached to the attendee’s confirmation email, displays all the pertinent event information including name of event, unique confirmation code, ticket price, date and time, venue, attendee name, ticket type, event organizer contact information and the link to the registration site.

Also, along the bottom of the printable ticket we’ve included duplicate ticket information such as confirmation code, ticket price, etc. so that it can be separated from the main ticket and distributed to another party, if needed. This is a useful feature for music concerts, where both the facilities owner and music promoter will want a copy of the ticket.

When you are creating a new event, EventWax automatically defaults the ticket format so attendees receive both an emailed ticket along with a downloadable ticket that can be printed.

 To find this option for your event:

  • From the “Your Dashboard” page, click on the specific event
  • Click: “Edit Event”
  • Click: “Ticket Setup”
  • Scroll down to: “Ticket Format” box

You will see the option for “Email and Printable” or “Email Only.”

You may select your preference or EventWax will default to “Email and Printable” if nothing is selected.

8 months ago

Super Bowl planning tips for Game Day eateries

Restaurants and bars getting ready for Super Bowl 48, consider these Game Day tips to make your party a winner:

Promote. Promote. Promote.  Get the word out about your Super Bowl Party. Advertise it on your webpage, social media and in local publications. Post table-top signage and fliers around your bar. Consider a banner sign for the exterior.  

Proper big screens. Most likely your bar already has television screens, but consider purchasing or renting additional screens for the big day. Consult with a local electronics rental company and be sure to plan for delivery and installation.

Show some spirit. Nothing brings on a festive atmosphere like team colors.  If your establishment is local to one of the two teams, decorate with team colors. If you’re located elsewhere, split your bar down the middle with team colors on either side, or go with a neutral theme of football.

Scrutinize your floor plan. Look at all your seating and make sure every seat in the house is the best seat for viewing the game. Rearrange furniture and tables where needed. Add extra bar stools, stackable chairs and folding tables to accommodate more guests.

Game Day menu. This is one more way to get your customers excited about the Super Bowl and excited to be in your establishment. Tie in names of the teams, offer cultural favorites from the teams’ hometowns along with traditional football fare. Whip up special cocktails for the event. Make sure your specials are easy to understand, priced well, and simple. Check in with vendors about having chips and popcorn on hand.    

Your own half-time show. Consider your own half-time entertainment like a live band, contests, large video game rentals etc…

Online ticket sales. If you expect to fill the house, consider organizing your Super Bowl party with and online event registration management tool. You can use it to collect an entrance fee or even reserve specific tables.  

8 months ago

Last minute New Year’s Eve planning tips

New Year’s Eve is rapidly approaching and event planners with soirees in the works should consider these last minute planning tips.

Mind the lines — Everyone expects a big crowd on New Year’s Eve. Event planners should too. Make sure your event is properly staffed. That means plenty of people to check in guests; enough bartenders and bar backs; enough employees on hand to keep the bathrooms stocked and clean; and enough staff to man the coat check at peak times.

Extra cash — It is a good idea to build a cushion in your event budget. Inevitably, there’s always something you’ll run out of or forget the week or day of the party.

Delegate — Rely on your trusted team to help you get it all done.

Have a Plan B — Planning for the unthinkable can make your New Year’s event fail-proof. Have back up entertainment in the unlikely event that your live entertainment cancels at the last minute. Have another alternative that could be summoned on a couple hours notice.

Keep calm — Brief your staff on how to stay calm in a crisis. Make sure your staff knows not only how to execute Plan A, but also Plan B. 

9 months ago

Save money organizing events with EventWax

Event planners’ jobs have been made easier since the onset of online registration and ticket sales. However, the task of keeping events on or under budget is ongoing.

At EventWax, we get it. We’re an online event registration company with a lean event management tool. We purposefully keep our pricing low by providing only the most important features so budget-concious event planners can put the money saved back into their event or back in their attendees’ pockets.

  • Simply put, our service is free when your events are free.
  • When you charge for your event, we charge a 2% fee per ticket with a minimum charge of $1 (USD) and a maximum charge capped at $5 (USD) per ticket. (Check other currencies.)

Compare EventWax pricing to the competition to see how you can save money organizing events. Some event sites charge a higher percentage of the ticket value plus a per ticket fee. EventWax services are available for one low fee that is capped at $5 per ticket. This means event planners or attendees will never have to pay more than $5 per ticket for a convenience charge.   

Here’s how you can save using EventWax’s self-service online event registration. 

Ticket prices EventWax fees
$10 $1
$50 $1
$100 $2
$350 $5
$500 $5

The more tickets sold, the more fees add up quickly and become a significant percentage of the event or attendee cost. EventWax’s commitment to its customers is to provide a functional tool at a fraction of the cost.  

Find out more about EventWax pricing.

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Host your event in autumn’s brilliance


Autumn Letchworth Park Gennesee River Gorge, by Julie A. Wenskoski

If you have the flexibility to plan an impromptu event, consider holding it amongst one of nature’s most brilliant spectacles — autumn.

An offsite venue might be just the thing to rejuvenate your attendees just as signs of fall are making a premature entrance this year, especially in the mid-Atlantic region where colors are forecasted to be particularly vibrant, according to Accuweather.com

Forecasters attribute the swift emergence to a cool and dry August in areas such as Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Foliage trackers are predicting the upper northeast to see colors change in early October while most of the Midwest can expect peak colors by mid-October. The Pacific Northwest and the Southeast can expect the most vibrant colors by late October or early November.

Local and state parks are inexpensive and ideal settings for gathering in a fall foliage environment. If your group is small, you can plan an impromptu visit. If you have a large group, you may have to plan for parking and reserving a shelter with tables.

If the idea sounds intriguing, consider this top-five list of U.S. state parks that boast fabulous fall colors.

  1. Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama. With 9,900 acres of green valleys, colors are most prominent from October to November.
  2. Camden Hills State Park, Maine. The land varies from rocky shores to high cliffs. From atop Maiden Cliff, are miles of amazing views. Peak colors from mid-September to mid-October.
  3. Ridgeway State Park, Colorado. Though the West is not a typical setting for foliage viewing, Ridgeway offers a diverse appreciation  for changing colors with bold golds and blondes. Best viewed mid-September.
  4. Monadnock State Park, New Hampshire. The top of Mount Monadnock boasts 100-mile views of fall foliage from six surrounding New England states — the capitals of fall foliage.
  5. Adirondack State Park, New York. Here you will find the most stunning fall foliage display of the United Sates. Peak colors are typically the last two weeks in September.

For more information about the states parks listed click here

For more information about planning an outdoor event click here.

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Catering your outdoor event

Summertime is a great time for outdoor events. Outdoor catering arrangements largely depend on your venue, type of event, and the time of year.

Consider these quick tips for catering your fabulous outdoor event.

Your menu. Before you choose your menu, consider the weather conditions you are likely to encounter. Food dishes that are on the light side or served cold may be preferable over something hot and heavy.

Your food. Food that requires plates and flatware will require extra cost and seating. Finger foods make it easier for guest to eat while socializing.

Watch for spoilage. Make sure your caterer keeps the food at the right temperature. Hot dishes need to stay hot while cold salads need to stay chilled.

The venue. When choosing an outdoor site, pick one that will be comfortable for your guests. If the site does not include a shelter, consider renting a tent in case of rain or for shade purposes. Consider if the site has restrooms available or if you’ll have to bring in portable toilets.

Entertainment. Check with your catering company or a separate amusement rental company for entertainment options including a DJ, outdoor inflatables, games etc…

Costs. Opting for the outdoors for your event can cost less than renting indoors, however, be mindful of other expenses that can drive up the total cost of your event. For example, consider the cost of event insurance, or additional costs for set-up  and clean up.

Read more about outdoor catering at foodservicewarehouse.com.

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Planning your outdoor event, Part II

Trying to think of everything when planning an outdoor event can be overwhelming. Here are tips that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Crucial coordination. Keep in mind that if you are not using an outdoor facility, that you will be bringing everything in and then hauling everything out.

Sanitation. Review with your vendor exactly what will be needed for your size event. Sub-par and too few restroom facilities can quickly lead to a discontented crowd. Also, plan for the days prior and after the event for your set-up and take-down crews.

Power. Be sure to arrange for back up generators for your generators in case of failures.

Communication. Be sure two-way radios are powerful enough for the area of your event. Also bring backup batteries, lots.

Lighting. If your event takes place at night or moves into the evening, be sure to not only light the event, but also the walkways, restroom areas, exit and entrance paths and parking areas.

Pests. Consider whether you will need to spray the area for pests. When scheduling the spraying, determine whether it would conflict with other aspects of your set-up, such as setting up tables and linens.

Heat. Plan for drinking and cooling stations throughout your venue.

Safety. At the very minimum, have first-aid kits on hand or designate a first-aid station.

Weather. Monitor weather far in advance and consider purchasing weather insurance. Wind can be hazardous. Make sure things are anchored accordingly.

Clean up. Consider hiring a hauling firm after the event. Or arrange trash hauling through your local sanitation department.

2 years ago

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